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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Created in 1991 Bwindi's Impenetrable Forest is the home to half of the world’s remaining 700 Mountain Gorillas.. The name "Impenetrable" definitely applies here, with the dense undergrowth, vines and other vegetation in this lush forest. Huge trees are covered with creepers and parasitic plants such as mistletoe and orchids. Giant thickets of bamboo thrive in the humid atmosphere and, where sunlight breaks. The park is located in south western Uganda, covering parts of Rukungiri, Kisoro, and Kabale Districts.

The worlds’ population of mountain gorillas is currently estimated at 600, half of which live in the 205 sq. mile (331 km) of Bwindi, of which 9 families have been habituated to humans. The Bwindi chimpanzee population size is unknown but roughly estimated at 350-400. The nearby Virunga Volcanoes Conservation Area has a population of 300 mountain gorillas but no chimpanzees, making Bwindi the only forest in Africa in which these two apes occur together.

At least 120 species of mammal in one of the richest ecosystems in Africa including mountain gorilla, chimpanzee and 8 other species of primate. Elephant, bush pig, giant forest hog, many species of bats and rodents, at least 346 species of birds including rare forest birds, at least 14 species of snakes, 27 species of frogs and toads, 6 chameleons, 14 lizards, skinks and geckos, at least 202 species of butterfly. There are also several endangered species of birds with limited ranges. Established as a safe habitat for several families of mountain gorillas it is now the location of an important scientific conservation program.

There are 9 habituated Gorilla families within the park - limiting permits to 72 persons a day. You are allowed to view the gorillas for one hour in two groups of 6. There are two spots for tracking these gorillas and from where you can have an excellent vintage view of a gorilla in its majestic style. These rare animals are sometimes hard to find and that s what makes tracking an exciting adventure.

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Location of Park or Resesrve UGANDA
Park size205 square miles (331 sq. km)
Park ecosystems Montane tropical forest, bamboo forest, lowland forest
Park wildlife 350 Mountain Gorillas (9 habituated troops) Chimpanzee, Colobus Monkey, 8 other primate species, Elephant, bush pig, giant forest hog, 346 species of birds
When to visit December through February, June through September
HighlightsGorilla Trekking, walks, primate viewing, bird watching

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